U.S. Embassy to Kabul Demands Justice in Dostum Case

(Last Updated On: July 11, 2017)

U.S. embassy in Kabul has called for justice in first vice-President, Gen. Dostum’s case, saying the International Community supports continuation of investigation process.

A former governor has accused Afghan First Vice President General Abdul Rashid Dostum of ordering his rape with an assault rifle and other forms of torture after he was abducted by Dostum and gunmen loyal to the ex-warlord.

The allegations followed reports, denied by Dostum, that former Jowzjan Governor Ahmad Ishchi had been attacked by Dostum’s men and held hostage.

“The International Community and the Afghan people support continue to serious investigation and possible follow up legal action in the case of first vice president Dostum and his associates. The allegations against vice president including charges of rape and assault are extremely serious and want close legal review by the Attorney General and other judiciary authorities of Afghanistan,” said Hugo Llorens, U.S. ambassador to Kabul.

Hugo Llorens warns politicizing the Dostum’s case will harm peace and stability in Afghanistan.

“Any efforts to politicize the case or use it to so ethnic tensions are harmful to rule of law, peace and stability in Afghanistan. Afghan authorities must pursue justice and not come to any political pressure,” he said.

The American diplomat also noted about the sidelines of U.S. new strategy.

“It really covers all aspects of U.S. policy toward Afghanistan on the security side, on governance, on the issue of economic development, on the issue of drugs. It is not just Afghanistan alone; the new strategy involves Pakistan and Central Asian States.”

This comes as U.S Senator and Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee John McCain has criticized Trump’s Administration for delaying the announcement of America’s new war strategy in Afghanistan and claimed U.S  is ‘losing’ in Afghanistan due to lack of strategy.


Edited by Zack Arya

Reported by Fahim Noori

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