U.S. Considers Asking Afghanistan to Postpone Its Presidential Election: Report

(Last Updated On: November 13, 2018)

The United States is considering to convince the Afghan government to suspend the upcoming presidential election as it seeks to make a peace deal with the Taliban insurgent group, reports the Wall Street Journal, citing people briefed on the talks.

The office of President Ashraf Ghani has already rejected such plan, saying the election will be held as scheduled.

“The Afghan government is fully committed to hold the 2019 presidential elections as per the Afghan constitution, and the date determined by IEC,” said Haroon Chakhansuri, a spokesman for President Ashraf Ghani,” Continuity in a democratic process is a must and any other proposal than the will of Afghans which is outlined in our constitution is simply not acceptable.”

This comes as the Independent Election Commission (IEC) of Afghanistan has set April 20 as the day of next presidential election in the country.

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