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U.S. Confirms Killing of Afghan Forces in Helmand Airstrike

(Last Updated On: July 23, 2017)

A U.S. airstrike killed an unknown number of Afghan security forces in southern Helmand province of Afghanistan late on Friday afternoon.

U.S. Forces in Afghanistan confirmed the incident in a statement, saying the “unfortunate incident” was occurred in Gereshk district of the province.

“During a U.S. supported ANDSF operation, aerial fires resulted in the deaths of the friendly Afghan forces who were gathered in a compound,” the statement said.

There was no immediate word on the number of casualties; however, local sources reported that as many as 15 Afghan local police, including two commanders, may have been killed and many more wounded in the incident.

The U.S. forces statement said that there would be an investigation “to determine the specific circumstances that led to this incident”.

Officially, the Afghan government has not made a comment about the report yet.

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