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U.S. Agenda Is Not Stability of Afghanistan: Hamid Karzai

(Last Updated On: June 26, 2017)

Afghan former President, Hamid Karzai says the United States agenda is not for the stability of Afghanistan, if it was, now we witnessed a secure Afghanistan with less extremism.

“The U.S. agenda is not the stability of Afghanistan. Had that been the agenda, Afghanistan would has been stable by now. The agenda as it is showing now was not to fight extremism effectively. Had that been the agenda, 15 years on wars, we would have been more secure and there would have been less extremism in Afghanistan. While the U.S had its presence in Afghanistan, we saw the growth of Daesh,” Afghan Ex-President, Hamid Karzai said.

Karzai accepts the security situation is deteriorating in Afghanistan and calls U.S. flawed and misplaced operations under the name of fighting terrorism it the main reason for it.

” Unfortunately, the security situation in Afghanistan is deteriorating. For a number of reasons, primarily the United States that came in the name of providing security to Afghanistan and in the name of campaigning against terrorism. It did not concentrate on what it should have done. 14 years were spent, rather than focusing on sanctuaries and focusing on the training grounds. They focused on bombing Afghan villages and hurting Afghan people, putting Afghans in prison,” Karzai said.

According to the former president, Afghan security forces have been poorly equipped and trained and fight against terrorism has not carried out with a regional and global strategy.

” Poor training, poor equipment and the question of sanctuaries outside Afghanistan. US came to Afghanistan for the purpose to launch a campaign against extremism and terrorism, that purpose was not worked for, that needed a whole   strategy, the strategy of cooperation in the region, addressing the sanctuaries, financial resources coming to terrorists, building Afghan state capacity, building the Afghan economy and seeking cooperation from the region in this campaign. The U.S. concentrated on promoting an interest on agenda that run against the fight against terrorism,” he said.

Expressing gratitude from the initial good works of the US and its money spent in Afghanistan, Karzai said “we cannot deny the fact that there are more terrorism and extremism in Afghanistan and in the region.”

“What I am trying to say is that someone is training and equipping and financing these terrorist forces. Who is that someone? It is the job of the United States as they have claimed to be fighting extremism. How come the more they fight extremism, the more there is of extremism. so there is something wrong. If we go back a little into the past, the United States and its allies used extremism as a tool against the former Soviet Union,” Karzai noted.

He further added that the United States honestly end the war in Afghanistan in cooperation with Russia, Iran, China, India and Pakistan.

By: Muhammad ZackArya

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