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Two years ago, Afghan Nation cast votes with fears, hopes

(Last Updated On: June 13, 2016)


Afghan Nation have casted their votes two years back today with full of fears and hopes to select their President in 24th (Jawza) 1393 in Afghanistan.

Experts believed that the following presidential election has been one of the arrant elections in the region, despite of that leaders of the National Unity Government have promised the Nation more prosperity and success but none of the promises is fulfilled yet.

Officials in CE office have urged that those who were involved doing fraud in the Presidential election, where their voices and conversation are recorded will be accountable for what they have done for the country.

After officials in Election commission have announced the results for both candidates, Abdullah Abdullah who was calling himself as front runner criticized, demanding the bullet boxes to be supervised, the disputes have created tensed condition and brought the US secretary of state John Kerry into Afghanistan and select the President of Afghanistan.

Former head of Election commission Fazel Ahmad Manavi said,” It was one of the Tarrant presidential elections in the region defaming Afghanistan, or based on European countries it was night mare, everyone hoped to see the final results but nothing came out of the following process.”

Part of the criticism was on the telephone conversation where CE office insisted on the execution of those who have done fraud within the Presidential Election.

CE Abdullah Abdullah Deputy Spokesman Jawid Faisal said,” One our precondition is reformation of the Election, this action shows disloyalty of scores of people playing on the destination of a Nation, those whom were involved will be accountable for their actions.”

Former head of the Election commission secretariat Zaiulhaq Amarkhail said,” I demand CE Abdullah Abdullah to pursue the following issue, I will respond to any question at any courts.”

President Election have affected the Parliamentary Election, it was supposed to be held last summer but due to some disagreements the National Unity Government officials have yet to be capable to hold the following process.

Reported by Nusrat Parsa

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