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Two private Banks to own New Kabul Bank: Kohistani

(Last Updated On: April 6, 2016)


Officials in Ministry of Finance have reported that two private Banks which are willing to buy New Kabul bank met the necessary requirement and conditions.

They have stated that one of the private bank belongs to Mirwais Afghan and the second one is Pakistan Commercial Bank.

Meanwhile Afghan experts have warned it will be a misery if the Pakistani Bank owns New Kabul Bank.

After five years of Kabul bank crisis the following Bank still suffers from unknown destination, waiting to be sold to.

Head of the Treasury  department of Ministry of Finance Mohammad Aqa Khostani said,” Two private banks have met the necessary requirement to have the control of New Kabul bank, both of the banks presented $168,4million bank statements, Mirwais Afghan stated if i succeed to have the New Kabul bank control i will invest $1billion within the Bank,”

Experts on Banking affairs have warned if the following bank is sold to Pakistani Commercial Bank, they will access secret information and it will put the National interests into risks.

Professor Sayed Masoud said,” If the Bank is sold to Pakistani individuals it will put the Afghanistan National Interests into risk, before taking any actions about Kabul to neighboring country its necessary to have the Afghanistan National Security council advice.”

Based on the information there are 15 Banks including 4 International banks branches are active, where Afghan Government owns 3 of the Banks.

Reported by Zaher Qadiri

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