Two Policemen Arrested Before Selling a Checkpoint to Insurgents

(Last Updated On: April 24, 2018)

Two Afghan policemen have been arrested in accusation of selling a checkpoint to the Taliban insurgents in Ghazni province, local police officials said Tuesday.

Provincial police chief Mohammad Zaman Khosti has told reporters that the policemen wanted to surrender Amin Qala checkpoint located in Andar district of the province to the Taliban militants in return for 300 thousand Pakistani rupees.

The detained individuals identified as Abdul Mateen, the brother of a Taliban commander, and Sayed Wali are residents of eastern Laghman province.

According to the official, the accused policemen had connections with the Taliban through their relatives in Laghman province for a long time and wanted to surrender the checkpoint to the insurgents on April 21.

The Police official added that the suspects have accepted having relations with the Taliban group and their cases have been referred to the judicial organs.

On April 12, at least seven policemen including a district governor were killed and nine others wounded after Taliban militants attacked Khwaja Omari district in Ghazni province.

Ghazni is among the volatile provinces in the southeastern part of Afghanistan where the anti-government insurgents are actively operating in a number of its districts and usually carrying coordinated attacks against Afghan forces.

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