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Two Non-voting International Members Appointed for IEC

(Last Updated On: May 28, 2019)

Two non-voting international members have been appointed to the Independent Election Commission (IEC) of Afghanistan.

The new commissioners were officially introduced to the IEC on Tuesday by the United Nations in Afghanistan through a presidential decree.

Ahmad Ishaq Ahsan, a citizen of Kenya, who has worked as the head of Electoral Commission of Kenya for eight years and Alveena, a citizen of Bulgaria who has worked as an electoral official for four years in his country, are the new IEC members of Afghanistan.

The new appointment is in accordance with the electoral law that recommends the appointment of two international election specialists as non-voting members of the IEC for the purpose of “further transparency in the election process”.

Meanwhile, two international non-voting commissioners were also introduced to the Electoral Complaints Commission (ECC) of Afghanistan.

Presidential candidate Enayatullah Hafiz says the new move will help IEC to organize a transparent election.

However, Yousuf Rasheed the Chief Executive Officer of the Free and Fair Election Forum of Afghanistan emphasizes that the international observers must not be marginalized in decision-making.

This comes as Afghanistan presidential election, provincial council and Ghazni parliamentary elections are scheduled to be held on September 28.

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