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Two nominees approved for foreigner, interior while two newly introduced for culture, justice ministeris

(Last Updated On: January 27, 2015)

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Wolesi Jirga – The Upper House of Parliament on Tuesday session unanimously approved Salahuddin Rabbani and Nurulhaq Ulomi nomination for ministerial positions to highlight their work plans to the House.

Salahuddin Rabbani, nominated minister for the ministry of foreign affairs while describing his work plans said,” I will struggle to secure our national interest and security in coordination with regional countries to tackle terrorist threats and narcotic drugs smugglings in order to secure sustainable peace and security”.

Nurulhaq Ulmoi, appointed candidate for the ministry of interior summarized Afghanistan security issues in two sections: external and internal and stated,” Our insecurity is rooted in our borders, especially Pakistan is still a safe haven for terrorists and they are supporting extremism and terrorism and then deploying to kill Afghans”.

Mr. Rabbani and Ulomi were approved by Wolesi Jirga after they provide their single identity documents to the House.

Furthermore Sarwar Danish the second vice President of Afghanistan while naming the two new nominees, Najib Agha Fahim as minister of justice and Abdul Bari Jahani as minister of information & culture said,” The National Unity Government Cabinet belongs to all Afghans and we expect the House to vote for the nominees previously identified and the nominees newly introduced as soon as possible so they can start their jobs”.

Previously, Ahmad Sear Mahjoor was nominated for ministry of justice and Ay Sultan Khairi was appointed for ministry of Information & Culture, but they could not provide the required documents proving their single identities.

Finally, Afghan Parliament decided on putting ballot boxes tomorrow Wednesday for nominees who have highlighted their work plans during the last couple of days.

Reported By: Abdul Aziz Karimi


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