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Trump Presidency to Review Foreign Policy Toward Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: January 17, 2017)


The Donald Trump’s administration will review all foreign strategies, specifically policies toward Afghanistan, US Senator, Tom Ridge said.

Senator Tom Ridge says the new US government will support those who advocate the institutionalization of democracy.

“I think with the new president and with a new set of foreign policy advisers, they all of whom express publicly their disappointment. I think you will see in the coming up, there is the elected Trump and his advisers look and reconsidering every relationships. And I think they understand the importance of our relationship with Afghanistan. You will going to see some positive changes, but I can predict,” said US Senator Tom Ridge.

Senator Ridge noted that predicting US new policy toward the rest of world, particularly Pakistan and Afghanistan is difficult.

“I don’t want to predicting the president’s policy and his foreign policy advisers. The two things I can predict; One; “They will look at it with a much deeper set of eyes and outcomes and secondly I do think that you’re going to see some changes in relationships between the United States and the rest of the world and how they relates to Afghanistan, Pakistan”, Senator Ridge added.

Former President Barack Obama is scheduled to pass the administration to Donald Trump up to the next week.

Reported by Nazira Karimi from Washington D.C

Edited by Zack Arya-Kabul           

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