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Trump Nominates Turkey Envoy J. Bass To Be U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: July 21, 2017)

U.S. President Donald Trump has tapped a key diplomat who currently serves as U.S. ambassador to Turkey to be his envoy to Afghanistan.

The White House said in a statement Thursday that John Bass has served as an American diplomat since 1988.

He is currently U.S. Ambassador to Turkey, a position he has held since 2014.  He also served as envoy to Georgia from 2009 to 2012.

 “Bass has spent much of the past decade supporting Federal Government efforts to mobilize allies and marshal resources to combat terrorism and instability in Iraq, Syria, and Southwest Asia,” the statement added.

The announcement of the nomination came as the U.S. prepares to unveil a new strategy in Afghanistan, where the American troops have been fighting since 2001.  


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