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Transportation Companies Go to Strike Due to Illegal Extortion

(Last Updated On: December 24, 2016)

1The Transportation companies have gone to strike and warned if the Government of Afghanistan does not respond to our demands we will continue to our strikes and halt all our activities.

Illegal extortion in highways, disturbing of the Afghans security forces to receive bribe, none proper standard roads, and poor transportation facilities were the main criticisms of the Transportation companies and drivers.

Chairman of the Transportation Companies of west side of the country Beniamin Wardak said, “We want practical steps to be taken, otherwise we will continue to our strikes.”

“Illegal extortion should be stopped, or else we will continue to our strike till the  issue ends.” One of the representatives of Transpiration Company said.

One of the drivers said, “ those who pays money can pass the checkpoints easily.”

Meanwhile officials at Ministry of Transpiration aviation stated that efforts are underway to pave the way for meeting with President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani.

Hekmatullah Qouainj said, “Efforts are underway to pave the way for a meeting between President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and the representatives of the Transportation Unions.”

Earlier Transportation companies have staged rallies due to illegal extortion on the highways but no significant measurements were taken to resolve their problems.

Reported by: Lida Naizi

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