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Traders Complain of Corruption, Extortion in Customs

(Last Updated On: February 4, 2018)

Irresponsible individuals are extorting money from traders after they pay taxes in customs, said Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI).

“Security institutions including intelligence and representatives of the general attorney are extorting instead of evaluating in customs administrations,” said Khan Jan Alkozay, deputy of ACCI.

According to Alkozay, the none-responsible people often interfere in customs affairs too.

Afghan traders stated that bribery and extortion (baksheesh and reshwat) in the local language have become routine.

Despite the Ministry of Interior (MoI) has made serious efforts in fight against corruption in customs administrations, but the intervention of irresponsible institutions still exist.

“There is an institution which is responsible for monitoring and evaluating and the other one that is not responsible also interfere in evaluating affairs. We have a number of plans for preventing them,” said Najibullah Wardak, deputy of MoI customs and revenues.

The main factor of corruption in customs believes to be the intervention of powerful who appoints their influential insiders.

Herat, Hairatan, Torghondi, Turkham and Aqina are considered as the most expensive customs port in the country.

The Ministry of Interior and security institutions had no reaction over the existence of corruption in customs administrations so far. But the interior minister has earlier rejected the existence of corruption in customs departments.

Corruption continues to plague customs administrations around the world regardless of their level of development and despite intense public attention.

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