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Torkham Border Crossing to Remain Operational Round-the-Clock

(Last Updated On: September 2, 2019)

The Torkham border crossing between Afghanistan and Pakistan will remain operational round-the-clock on a trial basis from Monday, Pakistani officials announced on Sunday.

Torkham is one of the busiest ports of entry between Kabul and Islamabad and serves as a major transportation and shipping site.

According to Pakistani officials, the border crossing will be operational 24/7 for two to three weeks before Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan formally inaugurate it.

Afghan officials welcomed the move by Pakistan, saying Afghanistan want to have close business relations with all of its neighboring countries.

“Pakistan is an important business partner for Afghanistan. We want to have better relations in order to pave facilities for our traders,” Sameer Rasa, Spokesman for the Afghan Ministry of Commerce and Industries told Ariana News.

“We hope the Afghan government pressure Pakistan to facilitate the exporting of Afghan goods to Pakistan or to other countries through Pakistan,” said Sakhi Ahmad Payman, Deputy of Afghanistan Chamber of Industries and Mines.

“I welcome the move by Pakistan because the 24/7 operation will be in the benefit of Afghanistan and Pakistan and it will increase the level of import and export between the two countries,” said Jan Aqa Nawid, a Spokesman for Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment.

This comes after bilateral trade volume between Afghanistan and Pakistan reached its lowest level due to trade barriers at Torkham border crossing.

Meanwhile, Afghanistan launched its National Air Corridor Program to several countries including India, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, European Union, Kazakhstan, China, and UAE in order to grow its economy, create employment opportunities, and decrease its independence to its neighboring countries.

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