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Top Pakistani Official to Visit Kabul, Discuss Afghan Refugees’ Issue

(Last Updated On: February 14, 2018)

A senior Pakistani official to visit Kabul next week and discuss on the issue of Afghan refugees based in Pakistan, the Ministry of Refugees and Repatriations (MoRR) said on Wednesday.

During the visit, the officials will set-out a plan for Afghan refugees in Pakistan.

“We will handle other stuff, after the due agreement; however, easing the security challenges in the country, is a fundamental solution for the cause,” said Refugees Minister Sayed Hussian Alemi Balkhi.

Deporting Afghan asylum seekers from European countries, is part of other issues that concerns Kabul.

“In 2016, they [European countries] have said that will 100,000 Afghans, but after the talks, only 580 people were being deported,” Balkhi said.

He further noted that the European countries should understand the security situation in Afghanistan and based on their commitments’ provide better facilities to Afghan refugees.

This comes as Afghan refugees considered to be the world’s second largest group after Syrians. According to reports, there are roughly four million Afghan refugees living in Pakistan and Iran, with over 300,000 more in European countries.

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