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Top Afghan security officials say allegations demoralize ANSF

(Last Updated On: November 25, 2015)


Top security officials have rejected Zahir Qadir’s accusations on Afghan security forces during a press conference in Kabul on Tuesday.

Afghanistan Interior Minister Noorulhaq Ulomi said, “Any allegations against Afghan security forces are called exaggeration of the enemies of Afghanistan.”

Meanwhile Afghanistan National Directorate Security NDS Rahmatullah Nabil reacted against the first deputy of the lower house Zahir Qadeer statements said,” accusation and allegation of Afghan security forces will demoralize them for what they are doing for their country.”

Our security forces have lost their life ensuring security for Afghanistan, gradually they are accused for what is far away from truth, the following issue should be pursued seriously, the following persons should provide documents, the Afghanistan justice and judicial system should judge, if it’s a lie he should be executed Minister of Interior Affairs Ulomi added.

Afghan security forces have gained significant achievement in ensuring security in Afghanistan, though 2015 has been the hardest years full of challenges for them, after they have taken the control of the entire security of the country from International troops, in recent military operations which were launched by ANSF 450 Islamic state members were killed, dozens of them were arrested by Afghan security forces,the Afghan security forces do need to be encouraged Rahmatullah Nabil the NDS chief said.

Chief of Army staff Qadamshah Shahim has also insisted that any judgments about the security forces should be based on reliable information and away from the personal desires, these type statements will do affect on Afghan security forces morals.

All three Top security officials have rejected forming militias insisting that there is no other alternative for Afghan security forces to defend the country.

Reported by Ali Asghari

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