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Top Afghan Army General Killed in Chopper Crash

(Last Updated On: November 29, 2016)

3An Afghan military helicopter crashed on Tuesday, killing the commander for the Zafar 207 Corps, in the eastern zone, Balamurghab district of Badghis province.

The 207 Zafar Corps Spokesman Najeebullah Najeebi confirmed the death of the 207 Zafar Corps commander Gen, Muhuddin Ghori and the pilot of the chopper, saying in the incident the Badghis National Directorate Security chief with the head of the provincial council were injured.

Meanwhile the Badghis Governor Spokesman Khalid Safi has also confirmed the death of the 207 Zafar Corps, saying the chopper experienced technical problem and crashed at 3 Pm Tuesday afternoon.

He said, “The commander of 207 Gen, Muhuddin Ghori along the National security directorate chief and the head of the provincial council were going to visit the security status of the BalahMurghaab district of Badghis province.”

Further he said,” The injuries of the incident were taken to Herat province to receive further medical treatments.”

The Herat Governor Spokesman Jelani said, “The 207 Corps commander Gen, Muhuddin Ghori lost his life on the way to Hospital.”

This is not the first helicopter crashes, years back the 207 Corp General Fazel Ahmad Sayar had lost his life in the same type of incident.

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