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Tiny industrial parks to be formed in 14 Districts of Kabul: AISA

(Last Updated On: March 16, 2016)


Officials in Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) have reported that small industrial parks will be built in 14 districts of Kabul city for boosting economy of the districts within the capital.

Head of the AISA has mentioned that role of Afghan women will be observed within the industrial parks.

Having suitable ground is the major problem for forming the industrial parks in Kabul, though a memorandum of understanding has been signed in between the Kabul municipality officials and AISA.

Head of AISA Mohammad Qurban Haqjo said,” We need 25 acres of lands to establish the industrial parks, in the next step we will also need security and electricity for the following parks.”

Meanwhile Kabul Governor Hamid Akram said,” We need to accelerate working activities within the districts, therefore we have Human beings power, necessary sources to build the parks, this will pave the way for young generation to access jobs and boost the economy.”

Officials in Afghanistan supporting investment agency have stated that efforts are underway to build industrial parks within the provinces of Afghanistan in the future.

Reported by Nabila Hafizi

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