Time to Rule by Killings Has Finished: Pres. Ghani

(Last Updated On: April 29, 2017)

argAs Taliban launches their “spring offensive”, Afghan president warns elimination of those anti-government groups which seek to gain power through destruction and bloodshed.

Afghanistan declared Saturday, April 29 as a national holiday to commemorate Mujahideen Victory Day.

Congratulating the 25th anniversary of Afghan Jihad, President Ashraf Ghani who was speaking at the ceremony said,” the time to rule the country by killings has finished. Those who still want to reach power through terror don’t know Afghans and Islam”.

The Taliban announced the start of its ‘Operation Mansouri’ on Friday morning and said that it would focus on foreign forces as well as Afghan security forces.

In reaction, the Afghan Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah said,” the group have launched an operation under the name of Mansouri, they will have the same fate as Mullah Mansour.”

Ghani accused neighboring countries for interfering in Afghanistan’s affairs and emphasized that the war has been imposed on us.

In the other part of his speeches, Ghani pointed to the Taliban attack on Afghan army base in Mazar which killed 140 army personnel and promised reforms in security sector.

“We will deal firmly with any negligence in the security sector. There have already been some changes and you will see more in the coming days,” Ghani said.

He also promised to held the Presidential elections on time and there will be parliamentary elections this year.

Meanwhile, Afghan politicians warned Russia for supporting the Taliban militants in Afghanistan.

Fazel Hadi Muslimyar, the Upper House of Parliament Speaker said that Afghans has defeated the Soviet Union and they will defeat the Russian Federation as well if they interfere in Afghanistan’s affairs again.

By Bais Hayat & Hesamuddin Hesam

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