Three Taliban Designated District Chiefs Killed in Balkh

(Last Updated On: June 30, 2019)

At least 45 Taliban militants including three shadow district governor of the group were killed in an airstrike in northern Balkh province, Ministry of Defense (MoD) said in a statement.

In a statement released on Sunday, MoD said that the air operation was conducted at Bodana Qala area of Shulgara district of Balkh.

As a result, nine key commanders of the Taliban were also killed in the strike, the statement said.

The statement identified the Taliban commanders as:

  1. Abdul Ghani, also known as Turabi, the Taliban shadow district governor Charbolak district of Balkh province.
  2. Mawlavi Hanan, the shadow district governor for Sholgar district of the province.
  3. Gul Nabi, also known as Mubariz, the shadow district governor for Chimtal district of the province.
  4. Dad Mullah, the Taliban deputy shadow district governor for Sholgar.
  5. Rasoul Jan Saadat, the Taliban designated spy for Chimtal district.
  6. Mawlavi Jawid, military chief of the Taliban for Chimtal.
  7. Mawlavi Najibullah and Mawlavi Nazir Taliban key commanders for Sholgar.
  8. Abdul Hai, also known as Mansoor, a Taliban key commander for Chimtal.

The Taliban militant group yet to make a comment about the incident.

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