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Three possible coronavirus cases recorded in Herat: MOPH

(Last Updated On: February 24, 2020)

Three possible cases of coronavirus were recorded, Sunday, in Herat province, sharing a border with Iran, following an outbreak of the virus in the neighboring country with confirmed cases and fatalities.

The Afghanistan Ministry of Public Health said that three possibly infected individuals have recently returned from Qom city, where Iran’s first fatality of the virus was reported.

The provincial public health officials said that the subjects were being kept in quarantine at the Infectious Diseases Hospital of Herat, adding that collected blood samples have been sent to Kabul for diagnosis.

Mirwais Salehi, the Director of Infectious Diseases Directorate of Public Health said, “No need to be afraid, but everyone has to consider personal hygiene and boost their immune system against the coronavirus.”

Meanwhile, the provincial governor Abdul Qayum Rahimi stressed that measures have been taken to prevent the outbreak of the virus, calling on citizens to follow the doctor’s directions.

Moreover, the Office of National Security Council has imposed a temporary travel ban from and to Iran. Also, it has banned the import of chicken and eggs from Pakistan and Iran, aimed to tackle the spread of the virus from outside.

As fears spread amongst the people, the price of a bundle of the mask has risen from AFN40 to AFN800 in Herat province.

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