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3 Killed, 12 Injured in Jawzjan Traffic Accident

(Last Updated On: May 2, 2019)

Three passengers were killed and 12 others including women and children injured in a traffic accident in Jawzjan province of Afghanistan, officials said on Thursday.

The incident has taken place in Sheberghan – Mazar highway in Khanaqa district after a Toyota Corolla collided with a rickshaw.

Provincial governor spokesman Fridoon Aniq told Ariana News that the victims of the incident wanted to attend a wedding ceremony in Khanaqa district.

He added that three people including two women have been killed in the incident and 12 others were injured.

All wounded people have been taken to the hospitals.

Meanwhile, an official said the health condition of a wounded passenger was critical.

Accidents are common in Afghanistan’s highways where roads are often in a poor state.

Most of the traffic accidents are basically because of the carelessness, high-speed driving, insufficiency of traffic signs, and bad condition of the roads.

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