3-Day Exhibition Fruitful for Domestic Products: MAIL

(Last Updated On: March 25, 2017)

55Officials in Ministry Agriculture Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) said the three days of exhibition of domestic products held in Kabul was fruitful about 35 million Afghani worth domestic products were sold, and about  5000,0 people came to visit the exhibition.

Ministry of Agriculture Irrigation and Livestock advisor Hanif Sufizadah said, “We have had about 5000,0 visitors and several contracts were signed.”

Meanwhile member of Afghanistan chamber of commerce and industry (ACCI) Etebar Khan Zadran said, “Holding this kind of exhibition will help the agricultural products to be sold and can draw more investor’s attentions.”

One of the exhibitors came from Kunduz said, “We brought our own product rice to be hold here.”

Amid female exhibitors attended from different provinces said we couldn’t sale our handicrafts in the exhibition.

Samira said, “I came from Takhar province and brought handicrafts but we had no good business.”

“We exhibited materials from Kabul city, but we made no good business, in the past people used to have more money to purchase things, we demand the government to allocate female markets for women who can exhibit their products besides attending this kind of exhibitions.” Female exhibitor from Kabul said.

The exhibition was held on the occasion of Farmer day which lasted for three days in Kabul “ Badambagh” area and there were 280 selling boots.

Reported by: Aslam Hejaab

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