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Thousands of Fake ID Cards Distributed for Elections: MPs

(Last Updated On: May 28, 2018)

Parliamentarians on Monday claimed that fake national identity cards, known as Tazkira, have been distributed for individuals in order to participate in the upcoming elections.

A number of lawmakers said that the process has paved the way for widespread fraud, adding it will take the country into a crisis.

“Thousands of fake Tazkiras have been distributed in Kabul City. The country is in a critical situation and will collapse if the issue is not prevented,” said MP Daud Kalakani.

“The irregular distribution of national identity cards can create a lot of challenges. Foreign citizens may apply for Tazkira and those accused of crimes may apply for another Tazkira,” said MP Ghulam Farooq Majroh.

Meanwhile, Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi speaker of the lower house of parliament emphasized on using new approaches for the upcoming elections.

“The legitimacy of the election is partially under question. While the extension of voters registration timeline and distribution of Tazkira is a fundamental need but the issues related to these processes have not been resolved yet,” said Ibrahimi.

In addition, lawmakers warned if government does not provide the required situation for holding elections, the results won’t be acceptable.

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