Thousands of Clerics Issue Fatwa Against Ongoing War, Suicide Bombings

(Last Updated On: June 5, 2018)

More than 2,000 Afghan religious scholars from across the country issued a fatwa, a religious ruling, on Monday, saying the ongoing war and suicide bombings in Afghanistan are “illegitimate” and against the Islamic directives.

The religious scholars said that war in its all types is forbidden according to Sharia and Islamic law in a country with a majority of Muslims.

“If someone intentionally kills a Muslim, that person will go to hell forever and will be cursed by Allah,” said Khuda Bakhsh Muhseni, a member of Afghanistan’s Ulama Council.

Meanwhile, the religious scholars called on the Taliban to accept the Afghan government’s unprecedented peace offer in order to prevent further bloodshed.

The religious scholars also urged the group not to allow foreign countries to interfere in Afghanistan’s affairs by misusing the name of Islam.

“We emphasize that the ongoing war has no justification in Islam religion and Sharia. The war has provided the ground for foreign interference and resulted to defaming Afghans and Islam,” said Qufranullah Murad, another religious scholar.

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