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There Are No Good or Bad Terrorists, Insists President Ghani

(Last Updated On: February 19, 2017)

Ghaniatmunichconfnewskbl2015-1423455324President Ashraf Ghani at Munich conference said that there is “no such thing as good terrorists and bad terrorists” and all countries should give a difference to them.

“There cannot be a distinction between the good and bad terrorists. As long as a distinction between good and bad terrorism is maintained, we are all losers. but when we do not make this distinction and we mobilize our forces together, it can’t be contained. Yes, we are fighting, but the fight is a complex one and I would like to again restate this is not a civil war. It is a drug war, It is a terrorist war and it is also  a state to state undeclared war,” President Ghani said.

Pakistan who always accused of supporting terrorism also says that there are no bad or good terrorists.

” We believe that there cannot be peace in Pakistan without peace in Afghanistan. It has to be a joined effort by the both countries to restore peace in the region. And I agree with the president of Afghanistan that there are no good Taliban and there are no bad Taliban, they are all bad. Whatever their name is or whatever their brand is; terrorist with any name is bad. We Pakistanis fully support the effort which has been undertaken to restore peace in Afghanistan, because ultimately it will complement us,” said Pakistani defense minister, Khawja Asef.

President Ashraf Ghani considers use of terrorism as a tool by some countries is challenging.

“One of the most significant areas that requires your attention, state tolerance or state sponsorship. On the one hand, in state weakness, particularly, corruption to enable these networks to operate and expand. Isolating states that rely on terrorism as state policy is the key challenge to institutions and organizations,” Ghani noted.

He further added that Afghanistan’s enemies failed to achieve their goals and no province of Afghanistan is under the control of the enemies.

“We are defending our country with one tenth of the level of the international forces operating in Afghanistan during 2009 to 2014. Now we are maintaining with one tenth of the level of previous commitment in where our heroic forces if spared no scarifies in fulfilling their duty. When I was sworn, some were predicting collapse, but none of the enemies goals were achieved. no province of Afghanistan is under enemy control,” added President Ghani.

The 53th summit of Munich Security Conference held with 500 global figures on Friday and ended on Sunday.

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