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There Are More Prisoners than Detention Centers in Afghanistan: AIHRC

(Last Updated On: May 9, 2018)

The latest findings of the Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) indicate that 30,315 people in Afghanistan are being held in prisons and detention centers.

Addressing a press conference on Tuesday in Kabul, the head of AIHRC Sima Samar said that the Afghan prisons do not have the capacity to keep the high number of inmates.

“The number of prisoners is higher than the detention centers as we have [in the country]; e.g. about 600 to 700 people are being in a prison in provinces unlike its capacity that can have 200 to 300 inmates inside,” Samar said.

According to AIHRC, lack of detention centers can bring livelihood issues to the people being held inside.

In addition, in 2017 AIHRC has registered more than 500 cases of women who have left their homes due to domestic violence, injustice, and many other relevant issues. In between Kabul has the highest rate of women or girls who have chosen to leave their homes which includes 108 cases.

“If the women’s rights being preserved in their household and the level of domestic violence declined, it is certain that we will not face this issue,” Sima Samar said.  

This comes as according to AIHRC findings, 137 women along with their 27 children are living in supportive shelters which some of them are in uncertain fate.  

By Shakib Mahmud

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