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The Bayat Foundation Holds ‘Ending Slavery-Extending Hope’ Conference

(Last Updated On: November 14, 2019)

The Bayat Foundation, on November 4, hosted ‘Ending Slavery-Extending Hope’, Afghanistan’s groundbreaking, first-ever conference dedicated to eliminating Modern Slavery, Human Trafficking and Labor Exploitation in Afghanistan and throughout the world.

Held at the Bayat Media Center in Kabul, the conference was attended by large delegations of high-level Public and Private Sector leaders, including, Geoffrey Tooth, Australian Ambassador to Afghanistan, David Sydney, President of American University of Afghanistan, Mr. Hamidullah Farooq, Chancellor of Kabul University, and several other representative of national and international NGOs.

Addressing the forum, Dr. Ehsan Bayat, Co-Founder of The Bayat Foundation and The Chairman of The Bayat Group, encouraged the delegates to continue and deepen their cooperation, “Because, only by working together, can we strive to forge a world where every man, woman and child is Lifted Up with Freedom, Education and Employment, and the scourges of Modern Slavery, Human Trafficking and Labor Exploitation are at long last, Broken Up and Banished forever.”

 “Together we must encourage governments to build up the legal frameworks and ratify the international agreement which prohibits modern slavery, human trafficking, and labor exploitation. AS founders, executives, and entrepreneurs we must lead by example; we must deliver corporates code of conduct, ” Mr. Bayat added.

Following Dr. Bayat’s speach, Australian Ambassador Geoffrey Tooth, in his address to the Conference, highlighted Australia’s efforts to combat Modern Slavery and stressed on the importance of international cooperation on the issue.

“Governments everywhere need to show leadership. Governments need to drive change nationally to legislate and implement policies that support political commitments to eradicate human trafficking and modern slavery,” said Ambassador Tooth.

Organized into two expert-led panel discussions, the delegates who attended Ending Slavery – Extending Hope, examined the tragedy of Modern Slavery, Human Trafficking, and Labor Exploitation, and also provided powerful, practical and permanent solutions for its eradication.

Ending Slavery – Extending Hope examined the efforts undertaken by Afghan businesses, governmental and non-profit organizations to eliminate Modern Slavery, Human Trafficking and Labor Exploitation in Afghanistan. Conference discussions assessed the effective programs designed to fight Modern Slavery, Human Trafficking, and Labor Exploitation, which are based on recommendations from The Bali Process Government and Business Forum (GABF).

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