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Terrorists will target Pakistan if we exert pressures: Aziz

(Last Updated On: May 17, 2018)


Foreign Affairs adviser for Pakistan Prime Minister Sartaj Aziz said if Pakistan exerts pressures on terrorists they will turn to become our enemies and target Pakistan.

Afghan officials in reaction stated that Afghanistan stance against terrorism is clear those who are playing dual policy will pay the prices.

Foreign Affairs adviser for Pakistan Prime Minister Sartaj Aziz said,” There is reverse reaction if we push terrorists in Pakistan, because there is not only Taliban to fight against, different military operations should be launched in variety states of Pakistan against terrorists, terrorists have flown from tribal areas to different states of Pakistan after Pakistan had launched military operations in Waziristan areas, operations should be precisely and clearly with cautions to be taken.”

President Spokesman Mohammad Haroon Chakhansuri said,”  Afghanistan Government stance is clear against terrorism, there is no good and bad terrorists, those countries are playing dual game will pay the prices.”

experts believed that Pakistan is playing some kind of game with Afghanistan.

Military expert  Zalmay Wardak said,” They are trying to decrease their attacks willing to get more strengthened, they are playing game with Afghanistan, Afghan Government should declare it stance, complain the issue with International community to stop Pakistan from what is doing for Afghanistan.”

At the end he has rejected that Islamabad is not doing much on combating terrorism in its territory.

By Shafi Karimi


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