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Terrorists try to destabilize region using Afghan soil: Ghani

(Last Updated On: July 11, 2015)


Terrorists are entering Afghanistan from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, China, Central Asia and Russia to destabilize the region, President Ghani has said during his speech at Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) at Russia.

Ghani participated at BRICS/SCO summits on Thursday and Friday held in Ufa, Russia and called terrorism a joint threat to the region and the world.

He said there are two images about Afghanistan, First Afghanistan is being introduced as a source for terrorism, instability and a place for production of narcotic drugs, but on the second image Afghanistan is a democratic country where majority of its people have participated in presidential elections.

On the other hand, Russian President Vladimir Putin criticized the American-led war effort in Afghanistan.

“The deterioration of the situation in Afghanistan, where a 10-year presence of the international military contingents has not brought any qualitative improvement of the situation, raises serious concern,” Putin said in his speech to the CSO’s annual meeting.

Russian President also warned the Islamic State group is reaching into Afghanistan saying,” we noted the growing activities of the IS group militants who have extended their tentacles into this country”.

At the same time, Chinese President Xi Jinping who met President Ghani at the sideline of the CSO’s summit promised to provide Afghanistan with security equipment and training.

“Increasing security cooperation suits both countries’ interests. China will continue to supply Afghanistan with security supplies, technology, equipment and training assistance,” Xi pledged.

SCO leaders emphasized on a need for joint cooperation to tackle extremism threat in the region and expressed they are ready to cooperate with all countries in the world.

Reported by: Melad Sekandari

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