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Terrorists to Be Defeated Like Communists: Ghani

(Last Updated On: February 15, 2017)

2President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani who attended a ceremony held at Presidential palace on the occasion of 26th of Dalwa which equals to the withdrawal of Russian troops from Afghanistan, insisted over the victory of Afghanistan and winning war against terrorism.

He said, “combating against communism is the same combat against terrorism, we will win the war against terrorism as we won the war in the past.”

Further President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani invited the Taliban into peace process and later he warned Taliban that the insurgents will lose if the war continues.

“I invite those Taliban who are having independently thoughts to join peace process, if they refuse to do so and continue to destruct the country, they will be pursued by the Afghan security forces anywhere in the country and will be destroyed.” President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said.

Recently the Russia mediation in Afghanistan political affairs is clearly seen, therefore the Lower house of the parliament of Afghanistan Abdul Rouf Ibrahimi warned that Russia officials should not repeat the 28 years ago mistake.

He said, “Russia Government after 28 years once again trying to interfere into Afghanistan’s affairs by supporting the anti Afghanistan insurgents and trying to underestimate the Afghanistan system, this indicates that Russia did not take the bitter lesson and experience from the past.” 

Meanwhile Senior member of the Harasat and Sabat council Mohammad Yunus Qanoni said, “ Tools changed but goal is the same, efforts are underway against Afghan Government, but the Government and leaders of the country should stand together in line by supporting our security forces against terrorism, in order to experience the victory.”

At the main time a number of political parties insisted over the Government not to let corruption to have deep roots within the system.

Chief of the Harasat and Sabat council Abdul Rab Rasoul Sayyef said, “ I m sure nobody can destroy our system from abroad but one thing that I m afraid of  those who are working within the Government of Afghanistan and destruct the system as termite.” 

26th of dalwa is the day that Russian troops withdrew Afghanistan 28 years ago, they were defeated by the Mujahidin.

Reported by: Ali Asghari

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