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Terrorist plans always fail as Afghan forces strongly stand

(Last Updated On: May 26, 2015)


All terrorist groups’ plans in the country failed and the oppositions are trying to create panic among Afghan people with launching attacks, the ministry of interior affairs said.

Simultaneously with beginning of spring war, the armed opposition’s group attacks hit a high level in most of the provinces of the country; but the attacks faced serious reaction of security forces and failure.

Sidiq Sidiqi, spolekesman of interior ministry said, “Unfortunately the Afghan security forces have also had a deadly causalities in conflicts against the opposition group.”

Sidiqi noted that currently, the oppositions are fighting in heavy conflicts against oppositions in Helmand, Baghlan and Kundoz.

“Taliban have defeated in many operations of the Afghan security forces. But they are not able to stand against the Afghan security troops,” Sidiqi added.

This comes as the top security officials ordered forces to kill any oppositions who involve in war against them.

Numbering nearly 350,000 soldiers, police and air force personnel, the Afghan National Security Forces now have lead security responsibility across Afghanistan for its 30 million citizens.This marks a significant milestone for Afghanistan and its people.

The number of Afghan security forces fell sharply during 2014, The U.S. strategy in Afghanistan hinges on the ability of Afghan forces to secure the country despite a still-resilient Taliban insurgency and increasingly limited support from the shrinking foreign forces supporting them.

The Afghan national army’s (ANA) total numbers fell to 169,203, down 15,636 or 8.5 percent, between February and November last year.

Afghanistan’s national army and police suffered heavy losses in 2014, the bloodiest since the war against Taliban militants began in 2001. The forces also suffered desertions.
Reported by Rafi Sidiqi

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