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Terrorist Groups Use Afghan Children For Suicide Attacks: VP Danish

(Last Updated On: November 22, 2017)

The Second Vice President, Sarwar Danish, at the ceremony of World Children’s Day on Wednesday said that the terrorist groups using Afghan children for suicide attacks in the country.

Expressing concerns regarding the situation of children in Afghanistan, Danish said that children are the most vulnerable cortex in the society that should be supported by education.

The Head of Parliament’s Human Rights Commission, Fawzia Koofi also voiced concern over the situation of Afghan children, saying most of the children in the country are being engaged in hard works and being sexually abused.

“Our children, particularly, girls are doing hard works and are being sexually abused in the rural provinces of the country,” Koofi added.

Shayma is one of the street children who works hard to support her family. “I have to work to help my father. I sell boiled sweet corns, we give three thousand Afghanis as rent for our house. I could not continue my school because of work,” Shayma said.

Ibrahim is another street child who is the only member of his family that works and has income. He earns only 50 Afghanis per day.

“My dad was martyred and now I have to work. I give three thousand Afghanis for the rent of house every month. I wish I can go to school and become a police officer in the future,” he said.

The Children’s World Day celebration in Afghanistan comes as more than one million Afghan children do not have access to education and 50 percent of them are being engaged in tough works. 

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