Terrorism Requires Global Solutions: Rabani

(Last Updated On: September 19, 2016)

foreign-minister-attend-the-17th-summit-of-non-aligned-movement-in-venzuela-mainAfghan Foreign Minister, Salahuddin Rabbani who headed Afghanistan delegation and attended at the 17th Non-Alignment Movement Summit in Margarita Island of Venezuela has delivered his speech; Calling terrorism an evil force and said we witness a sharp rise in terrorist threat across the world.

“We have seen the horrors of terror and violence peak to new levels, preying on innocent people across the globe – irrespective of their nationality, culture or religion,” said Foreign minister Saluhuddin Rabani.

The foreign minister stressed on a global solution for elimination of terror threats.

“We are facing a global threat that requires a global solution, enabled through greater cooperation. The people of Afghanistan continue their long-standing struggle against this evil force with firm conviction and determination.  Afghanistan will never succumb to any endeavor, aimed at our insecurity and instability,” Noted Saluhuddin Rabani.

He urged the countries of the world to make further efforts on counter-terrorism.

“We call on concerned States to meet their international counter-terrorism obligations, in good faith,” Rabani said.

Rabani also emphasized on continuation of National Unity Government efforts in brining security and economic reforms.

“The National Unity Government has been adamantly engaged in implementing a robust package of security, economic and governance reforms, under the banner of “Realizing Self-Reliance,” to solidify governance and the rule of law in our institutions and our society. Working in tandem with the international community, Afghanistan is on the path of recovery, stability and Self-Reliance. The up-coming international Brussels Conference on Afghanistan will be an opportunity for us to brief the global community on the positive trajectory of our reform efforts, while our international partners will make new pledges of assistance in support of our Afghan National Peace and Development Framework (ANPDF),” Foreign minister added.

As the Non-Aligned Movement prepared to meet in Venezuela for its 17th Summit, the founding principles of the anti-colonial and anti-imperialist group seemed more relevant than ever as Western neo-colonial policies continue to affect people around the world.

NAM’s first summit took place in Belgrade, Yugoslavia in June, 1961, kicking off a major anti-imperialist movement that sought to end colonialism and fight against Western domination.

The first Summit was attended by: Afghanistan, Algeria, Yemen, Myanmar, Cambodia, Srilanka, Congo, Cuba, Cyprus, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Lebanon, Mali, Morocco, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia and Yugoslavia.

Its establishment came at a time when the colonial system was in decline and independence struggles raged across Africa, Asia, Latin America and other regions of the world.

Reported by Nazira Karimi

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