Terrorism, Extremism in Afghanistan caused by Political bankruptcy

(Last Updated On: December 29, 2014)

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A number of researchers and civil society activist gathered in Kabul on Monday to research on extremism phenomenon in the region and find the challenges and solutions.

Ali Amiri, one of the researchers believe that extremism is a quite new phenomenon which has no relation with culture, history and religion and it has been misused for security strategic purposes.

Abdul Qayoum Sajadi, Lecturer and member of Afghan Parliament said that our politicians are still thinking traditionally and tribally, our politicians would like to say the final word and they reject pluralistic ideas.

Regardless all these believes Hashmat Radfar a civil society activist is confident that media and civil society organizations did not take an active role against terrorism and extremism during the last ten years.

The participants emphasized on urban development, rule of law and public awareness approaches against extremism challenges.

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