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Tensions High between Pak-Afghan on Cross-Border Terrorism

(Last Updated On: March 06, 2017 2:46 pm)


Pakistan lodges strong protest with Afghanistan over cross-border terrorism firing

Pakistan on Monday lodged a “strong protest with the Afghan Government” over the killing of five Pakistani soldiers at military check posts in Mohmand Agency and one soldier in Khyber agency as a result of firing by terrorists claimed to be from Afghan territory.

According to a statement released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan, Afghan Deputy Head of Mission was called to the Foreign Office today for conveying Pakistan’s “grave concern” over the incident.

Earlier today, it was reported that five Pakistani soldiers and more than 10 militants were killed on Sunday night in attacks on three Pakistani border posts along the Pak-Afghan border area.

The ministry press release said, “the Afghan government was urged to thoroughly investigate the incidents and take firm action against the terrorists operating from its soil to prevent recurrence of such incidents”.

Pakistani authorities has also asked Afghan official to cooperate in border management for preventing cross-border movement of terrorists and militants.

Terrorism common enemy but not a common strategy

However; Afghanistan’s National Security Adviser Mohmmand Hanif Atmar who was speaking today in New Delhi at 19th Asian Security Conference on combating terrorism emphasized on effective cooperation against regional terrorism and said,” we have a common enemy, but not a common strategy to defeat it”.

Afghan advisor added that distinction between good and bad terrorism will produce “Frankenstein Monster” that will come back to haunt its master.

Currently, there is a high tension between Afghanistan and Pakistan. The two countries are blaming each other for harboring terrorists in their soil and have exchanged terrorists lists to one another to be taken action against.

“There is only one way for us to go ahead; you act on our list, we will act on your list, and we need to have a third party to verify. We are ready to do that, are you? That was the proposal we have put on the table,” said Atmar.

By: Hesamuddin Hesam

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