Tension Between NUG Leaders Against National Interests: Olumi

(Last Updated On: August 16, 2016)

POLITICAL_16_08_2016_DARI_SOT.mpg_snapshot_00.10_[2016.08.16_19.33.23]Afghan former minister of interior, Noorulhaq Ulomi says the recent verbal tensions between the leaders of National Unity Government (NUG) are against the national interests that also followed the people’s concern.

“Unfortunately, I witness war words just for interests. We cannot save the country with bullying. The top and senior officials should use their authorities for a proper purpose not just for self-interest,” said ex-interior minister, Noorulhaq Ulomi.

Chairman of Barak National Unity Foundation, Feraidon Barikzai said, “We seriously demand the NUG leaders to solve the problems of the country with respect to the national interests.”

In the meantime, the minister of refugees stresses that the name of national unity must not misuse.

“There are some people who misuse the name of national unity. They change characters in action,” said Sayeed Hussain Alemi Balkhi, minister of refugees.

CE Abdullah Abdullah recently criticized president Mohammad Ashraf Ghani that as if he has not advise with CE office in some cases. President Ashraf Ghani also said that he want support on war on corruption that prevents reforms.

Evident show that continuation of criticizes of the NUG authorities have faced the Afghan government with illegality. These authorities must not criticize each other to gain position and privileges.

The Afghan people emphasize that if differences over power distribution increase, both leaders would fail to manage the war. It would pave the way to armed insurgents to disturb the people with big problems. 

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