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TAPI, CASA-1000, Chabahar Port boost Afghan economy

(Last Updated On: May 28, 2016)


Officials in chamber of commerce and industry have stated that TAPI, CASA1000 and chabahar port will boost the economy of Afghan Nation and they could be counted as the achievement of the National Unity Government.

They have expressed their deep concerns over the security and of the following projects inside Afghanistan, but Afghan officials have promised that there will be no issue once the projects are being implemented within Afghan soil.

Chamber of commerce and industry Spokesman Saim Persarlia said,” Government of Afghanistan should ensure good security for the following projects which will boost the economy of Afghanistan.”

Businessman Jalaluddin Saied said,” the following projects will guarantee the growth of economy, once they get implemented we will have strengthened ties with our neighboring countries.”

“ The following projects will save Afghanistan from economy crisis, we want the Government to ensure safety and security for the projects Atbar Zadran the businessman said,”

Minister of economy Abdulsatar said,” I do understand the situation but Afghan security forces are committed to ensure security for the following projects which guarantee economy growth in Afghanistan.”

Despite of challenges and barriers for the businessmen they have urged that economy will be boosted since the following projects to be implemented.


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