Tamim Shansab’s Case Referred to AGO: Kabul Police

(Last Updated On: December 13, 2018)

The case of Tamim Shansab, head of a former security company and his 20 men has been referred to the Attorney General Office, Kabul Police said on Thursday.

Shansab was arrested along with his 20 armed men in Kabul last week after 24 hours of a standoff with police. 

Mohammad Salem Almas, head of Kabul police Crime Investigation Department said they have seized a large number of weapons and other military equipment from Shansab’s house, which was under siege of security forces after he refused to leave the building.  

Almas said that Tamim and men are currently in Pul-e-Charkhi prison, adding that police have finalized their investigation and referred Shansab and his 20 men’s case to the Attorney General Office for further legal procedures. 

This comes as the government has stepped up in arresting the irresponsible armed men in Kabul. Recently, police arrested 10 illegal armed men Bagrami district of Kabul.

“The irresponsible armed will be arrested where ever they are because they are involved in all of the issues in the country,” Almas said.

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