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Taliban’s Fight in Afghanistan Isn’t for Defending Islam: HPC

(Last Updated On: August 28, 2018)

Afghan High Peace Council (HPC) says the Taliban’s positive response to Russia-led multilateral peace talks, has proved that the armed group’s fight in Afghanistan is not for preserving the Islamic values in the country. 

The peace meeting was expected to be held in Moscow next month on Afghanistan but was postponed on Monday after Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov spoke with President Ashraf Ghani via phone conversation.

Unlike the previous peace meetings being held in Saudi Arabia and Indonesia, the Taliban had confirmed that they would attend Moscow meeting.

“Saying okay to Moscow meeting, the Taliban proved that their fight is not for defending Islam but some countries using them as a tool,” said Laila Jafari, a member of the HPC.

However, a former member of the Taliban, Sayed Akbar Agha said that the peace meetings in Saudi Arabia and Indonesia had nothing to offer for the Taliban, adding that such unilateral meetings could not bring peace.

Some Afghan ulema criticized the Taliban’s move to attend Russia-led Talks.

“The Taliban did not participate in Islamic countries’ [peace meetings] and said okay to Moscow meeting. Russia and Pakistan are exploiting the Taliban against the United States,” said a religious scholar Mawlavi Basir Haqqani.

Some experts in international relations said that the Taliban have been made of those Jihadi fighters who had fought against the Soviet Union in favor of the United States. “Now, it is the opposite, Russia is supporting the same [armed] group against the U.S.,” said an expert Mohammad Jawad Mohadesi.

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