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Taliban’s Alfath Operation Has Failed: Khalid

(Last Updated On: May 25, 2019)

Acting Defense Minister Assadullah Khalid on Saturday said the Taliban’s spring offensive has failed and the group has made no progress in the battlefields since the start of their offensive.

Speaking at the introduction ceremony of the new commander of the Special Operations Forces in Kabul, Khalid said that the Taliban has failed to move an inch or take control of any part of the country.

“In the past, major cities collapsed. We witnessed disasters, mass-killings, and looting but this year Taliban couldn’t even move an inch forward,” he said.

However, Khalid admitted that Taliban fighters were able to overrun some checkpoints for a short period of time.

At the same event, the new commander of Special Operations Corps of the Afghan army Lt. Gen. Fareed Ahmadi said the military operations will increase.

He called on the Taliban to stop fighting and have mercy on their families.

“I’m warning the Taliban. Do not kill yourself for no reason. Have mercy on your families. Lay down your arms. Don’t listen to your leaders who sit under the flags of other countries” Ahmadi said.

He further said,” I warn foreign terrorists. Leave Afghanistan or this will be your graveyard”.

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