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Taliban weakened, may divide with Omar’s death: Noor

(Last Updated On: August 4, 2015)


Atta Mohammad Noor, acting-governor of Balkh province calls death of Mullah Omar a better opportunity for Afghan government to take serious actions against the Taliban insurgent groups.

He believes the Taliban movement has become weak with Omar’s demise and their leaders are locked in internal conflict over choosing the new leader.

In an interview with the Associated Press Noor has said, confirmed death of Mullah Omar giving Kabul an opportunity to step up the battle against the insurgency.

“Defeating the Taliban is a very real possibility right now and this is the right moment to fight against the Taliban,” Atta Mohammad Noor has told to the AP.

Noor, the influential man in northern Afghanistan has also said the government must act quickly to call neighboring countries, as well as the United States, Britain and the European Union, to push the peace process forward.

Noor added that Taliban will be divided and it will be difficult to bring the divided parties to the table, but he urges that ‘Pakistan can bring the Taliban to the table’.

“Pakistan can bring the Taliban to the table, their influence has been proven beyond doubt,” Noor said.

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