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Taliban Using Modern Weapons in Ghazni Districts: Mohaqiq

(Last Updated On: November 13, 2018)

Since a week or so, the Taliban have continued to engage in furious battle with the government forces in Malistan, and Jaghori districts of central Ghazni province.

Mohammad Mohaqiq, Second Deputy to CEO said that the Taliban have modern weapons and are using night-vision devices in the ongoing battle in Ghazni province, adding that it has helped the insurgents to defeat the Afghan military forces in some regions.

“The Taliban military units including their red unit being mobilized in Malistan, Jaghori and Uruzgan Khas – have advanced military equipment such as laser weapons, sniper rifles, and rocket launchers,” Mohaqiq told Ariana News.

He, meanwhile, said that Jaghori district should turn into province as he believes it will help to end the conflict in Ghazni. 

“The solution is that Jaghori should turn into province, and a large military unit get deployed there,” Mohaqiq said.

This comes as President Ghani has recently pledged of turning Jaghori district into province. His spokesman also said that additional troops would be deployed to defend the Taliban attacks in Jaghori.

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