Taliban Truck Bombing in Kabul Kills 16, Wounds 119

(Last Updated On: September 3, 2019)

The death toll from a Taliban truck bomb in Kabul’s PD9 on Monday night has risen to 16 people, the Interior Ministry said.

The Taliban militants detonated an explosive-loaded truck close to the southern wall of the Green Village Compound, where several organizations and guesthouses for foreign nationals are located, at Qabil Bai area of Kabul city, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry said, Nasrat Rahimi said.

At least 16 people including civilians and the Green Village’s employees were killed and 119 civilians were wounded in the attack, Rahimi said.

The incident happened at around 9:45 pm on Monday night, Rahimi said, adding that a fuel station at the attack scene caught fire in the blast.  

At least five assailants who were involved in the attack on the compound were killed by Afghan Special Force Unit, the official said.

Rahimi further said that Afghan police have also rescued around 400 foreign nationals from the Green Village compound after the insurgent’s attack.

The Taliban militant group claimed responsibility for the attack, asserting that it targeted foreign nationals in Kabul city.

The Green Village Compound was hit by a suicide car bomber in January in which at least four people including two security guards of Green Village – a compound housing foreign workers in Kabul – were killed and 114 more wounded including children and women.

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