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Taliban Targets Afghan Forces by Using ‘Dead Bodies’

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2017)

SariThe Taliban insurgent group is planting explosives inside the dead bodies of humans and animals in order to target the Afghan security forces in northern Afghanistan, an Afghan police official claimed on Tuesday.

Afghan officials in Baghlan assert that the Taliban fighters have acted “the worst type of crimes” against human beings in the province.

Provincial police chief claimed the insurgents have killed a resident of the province in allegation of cooperating with the government and has placed bombs inside his dead body to target the Afghan forces.

“Last night, these fools and tyrants have killed the man and they left his dead body across the road in Cheshmay Shir area and planted explosives inside his dead body…they have made him a suicide bomber to kill Afghan forces or tribal elders,” Gen. Ekramuddin Sari, the police chief of Baghlan said.

On Tuesday, Police have managed to defuse the bombs which were planted inside the dead body of a dog which was placed in a coffin.

“A dog was inside the coffin, because based on our tradition, culture and religion when our people or elders see a coffin they usually gather around it to see who is the dead person and why it has been placed in the road,” Sari added,” the coffin was packed with explosives.”

Afghans are being the victims of the rivalry between the powerful countries in the region, the official said, adding, there are many foreign fighters from different countries in Baghlan province.

“… there are terrorists in Dand Ghori [district] from Chechenia, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Egypt … also in Dand Shahabuddin [district], they are acting as advisors or financial supporters for the group,” he stated.

Baghlan is among the extremely volatile provinces in north of Afghanistan, where the militant groups usually coordinate high-profile attacks against the Afghan forces to gain ground and sustain causality to pro-government forces.

By Zaker Noori & Hesamuddin Hesam

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