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Taliban Takes Captive Two Tribal Elders for Refusing to Pay Islamic Tax

(Last Updated On: October 12, 2017)

The Taliban militants take captive two tribal elders in Ghazni province after they refuse to pay the Islamic Taxation (Ushur and Zakat), local officials said Thursday.

The incident has occurred in Khawaja Omari district of Ghazni province about three days ago.

Head of the district local council, Besmillah Sharifi, said Taliban asked them in multiple occasions to pay the money for “Ushur and Zakat”, but they refused to do so.

Finally, the insurgents have kidnapped them from their houses and still keeping them as captives, according to Mr. Sharifi.

Local residents say the Taliban militants usually come to the district and harassing people.

Security officials have not made a comment about the incident yet.

In addition to the drug trafficking and power bills, Ushur and Zakat is a source of income for the militant groups to supply their needs.

Ghazni is among the volatile provinces in central-east part of the country where Taliban controls five of its 18 districts (Nawa, Khogyani, Rasheedan, Waghaz and Zana Khan) and have a presence in more of nine other districts.

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