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Taliban Suffer Heavy Casualties in Kandahar Clashes

(Last Updated On: July 26, 2019)

At least 72 Taliban insurgents were killed and 34 others wounded in clashes with Afghan forces in southern Kandahar Province, police said.

The Kandahar police chief Tadin Khan said in a statement that the clashes between Afghan security forces and the militants broke out after Taliban fighters attacked several parts of the province.

The incidents took place in Maiwand, Shurabak and Registan districts of the province on Thursday night.

At least 61 insurgents were killed and 30 others wounded in clashes with Afghan security forces in Shurabak and Registan districts, the statement said.

According to Khan, three Afghan forces were also killed in the incident.

Meanwhile, a number of Taliban militants attacked a security outpost a Yazidan village of Maiwand district.

According to police, 11 insurgents and four Afghan security personnel were killed and four militants were wounded in the incident.

However, the Taliban militant group claimed in a statement that its fighters have captured a security outpost in Maiwand district and as a result 13 Afghan soldiers were killed.

On July 18, the Taliban stormed Kandahar Police Headquarters in which around 11 people were killed and 83 others including civilians were wounded.

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