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Taliban Splits into Groups after Mullah Omar’s Death: Campbell

(Last Updated On: August 5, 2015)


The NATO-US General Commander to Afghanistan Gen, John Campbell said,” Taliban been split into groups after they heard their former leaders Mullah Omar has passed away.”

Mr.Campbell addressing Afghan Government to use the opportunity for holding peace talks with Taliban.

He has also told to Taliban that they have lost capabilities to continue to struggle against Afghan security forces.

The above mentioned speeches were made by the NATO-US forces General commander for Afghanistan John Campbell in Washington Dc.

NATO-US Gen John Campbell said,” after Taliban heard their leader Mullah Omar’s death, the following group split and derived into several other groups, saying part of the Taliban to Join Afghan Government peace talks process, and the other parts could possibly join ISIL Daesh in Afghanistan.”

His statement comes after that there are serious disagreements provoking among Taliban group for new leader appointment of Mullah Akhtar Mansor.

The main activities that Taliban and its allies could do is to either conduct terrorist attacks and flee from the areas,now Afghan security forces are responsible for 95 percent of their country to ensure security and combat terrorism,recently Taliban has had more causalities during engaging ANSF Gen John Campbell added.

 Once again Gen John has asked the Afghan-Pakistan Governments to speed up the peace talks process with Taliban and convince them to begin a peaceful life.

Reported by Nazira Azim Karimi

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