Taliban Splinter Leader Accused Mullah Mansour of Infidelity in Islamic-Emirate

(Last Updated On: November 10, 2015)


Mullah Muhammad Rasoul, the new leader of Taliban’s dissident group accused Mullah Akhtar Mansour, Taliban’ leader of infidelity in Islamic Emirate, saying Mansour has signed secret treaties with infidels.

In a video tape which Ariananews finds, Rasoul says that Mullah Mansour has involved most of Mujahideens in conflicts and betrayed the Islamic Emirate.

“We never accept slavery and we obliged to separate from Mansour because he sold, Islamic-Emirate, Jihad, Islam and has signed agreements with infidels,” Muhammad Rasoul Akhund, Taliban’s dissident leader said in a video tape.

Taliban veteran Mullah Mohammad Rasool has also said to the neighboring countries that they would not face any threats from his group.

“We announce to our neighbors that we have no controversy with anyone. We say to all Islamic countries and Muslims that our fights are against the United States,” Rasoul said.

He also warned other extremist groups that they will not allow any group to interfere in their country.

“All Mujahedeen are our brother no matter to be Daesh or Al-Qaeda. But we do not allow them to come to our country to fight or interfere,” Mullah Muhammad Rasoul added.

Divisions between Taliban groups come after the death of Taliban’s spiritual leader, Mullah Muhammad Omar.

The leadership crisis arose when Mullah Omar’s son and brother, who couldn’t make contact with him, challenged Mullah Mansour to explain how and when the leader died.

Now the Taliban may splinter into “a peace camp and a war camp, as well as many commanders going at it alone in pursuit of their own local objectives.

With the Taliban’s leadership in question, however, it is unlikely there will be much progress on reconciliation process.

The Taliban remain an effective fighting force, with recent assaults on Kunduz in northern Afghanistan and a bold attack on the Afghan parliament in June. These too may reflect the internal rifts between those who want to explore dialogue and those who prefer to continue fighting.


Reported by Rafi Sidiqi
Written by Muhammad Zakaria




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