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Taliban Should Choose ‘Politics’ or ‘Terrorism’

(Last Updated On: July 14, 2017)

An Afghan politician says the Taliban group should choose either politics or terrorism, because currently Pakistan want them to control both which is not possible.

“Pakistanis want Taliban to hold a rifle with one hand and politics in another which is not acceptable for the people of Afghanistan. Taliban must choose one between politics and terrorism as it is not possible to be a terrorist and a politician at the same time,” said Davood Moradian, the director-general of the Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies, at the sideline of the fourth Afghanistan-Central Asia dialogue.

The fourth conference of Afghanistan-Central Asia dialogue was held in Bamyan province on Friday where high-ranking foreign and Afghan officials including Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah attended.

Former Deputy Minister of Interior, Mirza Mohmmad Yarmand, who was one of the participants at the conference emphasized,” the objective of this conference was to find out the root and address of terrorism and the participants should write about their findings to isolate countries exporting terrorist to others”.

In addition, Head of Government Media and Information Center (GMIC) Sediq Sediqi said,” Unfortunately, Pakistan is the only country which provides shelter for terrorist groups including the Taliban, Haqqani Network and dozens of others which operates from Pakistan. They are freely operating and threatening Afghanistan”.

The international dialogue conference of Af-Central Asia is organized to provide appropriate platforms for enhancing multilateral cooperation, mutual understanding, and establishing communications with Central Asian countries.

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